David Bowie, John Cale, the Who, Iggy Pop React to Lou Reed's Death

David Bowie, John Cale, the Who, Iggy Pop React to Lou Reed's Death
Lou Reed's death over the weekend sent ripples throughout the music community, with countless musicians and other public figures paying tribute to the legendary songwriter. The former Velvet Underground frontman was one of rock music's most respected figures, and it's clear from the overwhelming response that his legacy will live on.

We've collected some of the most notable tributes to Reed below.

● David Bowie: "He was a master." [via DavidBowie.com]

● John Cale: "The news I feared the most, pales in comparison to the lump in my throat and the hollow in my stomach. Two kids have a chance meeting and 47 years later we fight and love the same way — losing either one is incomprehensible. No replacement value, no digital or virtual fill...broken now, for all time. Unlike so many with similar stories — we have the best of our fury laid out on vinyl, for the world to catch a glimpse. The laughs we shared just a few weeks ago, will forever remind me of all that was good between us."

● The Who: "R.I.P. Lou Reed. Walk on the peaceful side." [via Twitter]

● Pete Townshend: "Yesterday I heard about the passing of Lou Reed. I'd been thinking about him after meeting Jean Michel Jarre last Saturday. He is a friend of Lou and Laurie Anderson. My heart goes out to Laurie whom I met briefly when Lou played with me at Rachel Fuller's ATTIC JAM at Joe's Pub in NYC. Lou seemed to have fun that night, and it was wonderful and easy for me to perform with this clear-sighted musician who I had expected to be so difficult." [via TheWho.com]

● Flea: "I love Lou reed so much. Always." [via Twitter]

● Pixies: "R.I.P. LOU REED....A LEGEND" [via Twitter]

● Metric: "I am beyond sadness at the loss of my friend Lou Reed. Sending my love to Laurie. Can't say anything more just yet. In denial." [via Twitter]

● Salman Rushdie: "My friend Lou Reed came to the end of his song. So very sad.But hey, Lou, you'll always take a walk on the wild side. Always a perfect day." [via Twitter]

● Iggy Pop: "Devastating news." [via Twitter]

● Belle and Sebastian: "Journalist: 'How would you describe yourself'

Lou Reed: 'Average'

Above average at keeping a straight face though. http://youtu.be/IeMIWCxHgQk [via Twitter]

● Ricky Gervais: "RIP Lou Reed. One of the greatest artists of our time." [via Twitter]

● Feist: "Dear Lou Reed, please rest in peace. http://t.co/OGA0OjuTDt" [via Twitter]

● Samuel L. Jackson: "R.I.P. Lou Reed. Just met at the GQ Awards. The music of my generation. Still Relevant!" [via Twitter]

● Amanda Palmer: "lou reed was one if my favorite songwriters, and neil's hands down favorite. so sad. here's satellite of love... http:// youtu.be/ZUon-yHJbEo [via Twitter]

● Morrissey: "Oh Lou / why did you leave us this way?

No words to express the sadness at the death of Lou Reed. He had been there all of my life. He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world would be. I knew the Lou of recent years and he was always full of good heart. His music will outlive time itself.

We are all timebound, but today, with the loss of liberating Lou, life is a pigsty.

'7 glasses used to be

called for six good mates and me

now we only call for three'

Patrick MacGill
" [via True to You]