​David Bowie Has Been Turned Into an Emoji

​David Bowie Has Been Turned Into an Emoji
Since David Bowie passed away at the start of 2016, there have been countless tributes to the rock'n'roll icon (some more successful than others) both on stage and on social media. Now, the legendary singer has been immortalized in emoji form.
When Apple's iOS 10.2 update arrives, it will come with a few updates to users' emoji library. In addition to being able to facepalm and shrug vicariously through the tiny cartoon figures, you'll also be able to channel your inner Starman.
The Bowie-esque emoji draws inspiration from his Aladdin Sane-era work, featuring an instantly recognizable lightning bolt across the face of both a male and female character — officially listed as "male singer" and "female singer."
Hopefully it will add a little joy back into the lives of those mourning the loss of the butt-like peach emoji.

The latest operating system is currently available to participants in Apple's beta software program.