David Bazan Gives Pedro the Lion an Orchestral Makeover for New Album

David Bazan Gives Pedro the Lion an Orchestral Makeover for New Album
Though it's been a while since David Bazan offered up any new material, the Washington State indie tunesemith will soon be delivering some symphonic redos of past tracks on a full-length collaboration with avant-garde outfit the Passenger String Quartet. Going by the perfunctory brand name of David Bazan & the Passenger String Quartet, the partnership's self-titled debut drops September 9 through Undertow.

Press materials explain that the collaboration has the musicians tackling tracks from both Bazan's solo catalogue and that of his old Pedro the Lion project, bringing cellist Rebecca Chung Filice, viola player
Seth May-Patterson, and violinists Alina To and Andrew Joslyn into the mix alongside Bazan's vocals, piano, percussion, guitar and bass work.

Among the tracks, two are pulled off of Bazan's 2011 solo set Strange Negotiations, while "When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run" from Pedro the Lion's 1998 full-length debut It's Hard to Find a Friend also gets reworked. In addition to recasting the sonics of old songs for the 10-song effort, Bazan has also reportedly changed some of the lyrics this time around.

The album was recorded at Seattle's Avast! Studios with Chris Colbert, and you can see the full tracklisting details down below, where you'll also find a full stream of the LP.

David Bazan & the Passenger String Quartet Volume 1:

1. Bands With Managers

2. How I Remember

3. Wolves At The Door

4. The Fleecing

5. I Do

6. When They Really Get To Know You...

7. Lost My Shape

8. Cold Beer & Cigarettes

9. Priests & Paramedics

10. Strange Negotiations