​Dave Grohl's Mom Wrote a Book About Being Dave Grohl's Mom

​Dave Grohl's Mom Wrote a Book About Being Dave Grohl's Mom
Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl told his own tale of rock'n'roll glory in 2011's This Is a Call, but now the woman responsible for bringing him into the world is ready to share her own side of the story in a new book called From Cradle to the Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars.
The mom-penned memoir by Virginia Hanlon Grohl is due out on April 25 though Seal Press.
It finds Mrs. Grohl revealing her own experience as a rock star mom, but also features conversations with other famous musicians' mothers, including Dr. Dre's mom, Verna Griffin; R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe's mom, Marianne Stipe; Amy Winehouse's mom, Janis Winehouse; Maroon 5's Adam Levine's mom, Patsy Noah; HAIM's mom, Donna Haim; and Beastie Boy Mike D's mom, Hester Diamond.
Mrs. Grohl spent two years conducting research for the book, posing questions like: "Were they as surprised as she was about their children's fame? Did they worry about their children's livelihood and wellbeing in an industry fraught with drugs and other dangers? Did they encourage their children's passions despite the odds against success, or attempt to dissuade them from their grandiose dreams? Do they remind their kids to pack a warm coat when they go on tour?"
In the process, she also uncovered plenty of old family photographs, some of which will appear as exclusives in the upcoming book.
As you can see pictured above, the author's foo fighting son appears alongside his mama on the cover of the book. He also contributed the foreword.