Datarock Datarock Datarock

Norwegian synth rockers Datarock bring a refreshing stance to their tiresome sub-genre, mixing electronic programming with stylish avant-pop melodies and uncanny lo-fi punk ethics. Datarock Datarock, their debut album, is both unconventional and oddly accessible, finding some healthy middle ground that allows for some crossover potential, if it should come their way. And it really should; Datarock have a respectable knack for quirky hooks that make anthems out of songs titled "I Used to Dance with My Daddy” and "Nightflight to Uranus.” Album highlight "Fa-Fa-Fa” is quite simply a perfect mock-up of a collaboration between Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand, with its pristine disco beat, shout-out vocals and of course, enough flamboyance to set a school on fire. While it’s hard to agree with their claim that "BMX is better than sex,” Datarock have plenty of other agreeable traits that are just waiting to help them sweep dance floors across the world. (Fusion III)