Data Skywriter

Following in the vein of past trendsetting French electro artists (see Daft Punk and Justice), the new kid on the scene, David Guillon (and kid he is, at the young age of 23), is the latest to try his hand at the melodic, electro, disco funk that many artists are embracing at the moment. Guillon's first full-length, Skywriter, capitalizes on the phantom-like organs and gutted, blown synths embraced by Justice ― so much so it's a wonder he used his name on the album. No new ideas or styles permeate the disc, though a few tracks do grab your attention, if only because of familiarity ― "One In A Million," with vocals by Toronto-native Sebastien Grainger (reminiscent of his earlier project, the Rhythm Method), and the dark and dirty "Blood Theme" and "Nightmare," both of which could easily be found on the cutting room floor for Cross. Had Guillon been the first to attempt this cinematic mixture of styles, Skywriter could easily be hailed as a breakthrough. Given that he wasn't, and in fact seems content to ride the coattails of the aforementioned artists, the album is just another in a long list of electro-lite disappointments out there at the moment. (Ekler'o'shock/Naïve)