Dashboard Confessional Unveils New Album 'All the Truth That I Can Tell,' Shares Single

The emo renaissance is officially upon us
Dashboard Confessional Unveils New Album 'All the Truth That I Can Tell,' Shares Single
Get ready for sweet, sweet vindication: the Dashboard Confessional — a.k.a. Chris Carrabba — is back with plans to release a ninth studio album entitled All the Truth That I Can Tell, led by the new single "Here's to Moving On."

Anticipated February 25, 2022, via Hidden Note/AWAL, the album follows Carrabba's 2020 20th anniversary collection The Best of the Best of and marks the first new Dashboard material in the four years since 2018's Crooked Shadows.

"Honesty was at the heart of the writing process, at the heart of the recording process and at the heart of this collection of songs," Carrabba said in a statement. "I had the rare opportunity to be unflinchingly honest. But I think I would have thought in the early days that that would be commonplace. Now, I realize it's some kind of cycle within your life and there's great personal reward in accepting that."

Carrabba was hospitalized after a near-fatal motorcycle accident last year, making this album even more of a miraculous occasion. Written and recorded pre-COVID, All the Truth That I Can Tell was produced by James Paul Wisner, who did the band's first two studio albums (in 2000 and 2001, respectively). Working with Wisner for the first time in so long allowed Carrabba to see the Dashboard Confessional project through a new keyhole of rediscovery and renewal.

Of "Here's to Moving On," he added:

I think in this song I find myself understanding what brought me to the mat and what it takes to get up off the mat. Sometimes what brought you to the mat are outside forces and sometimes it's you; yourself. Or it can be all those things, but it does seem the only thing that gets you up off the mat isn't outside forces — it's always you.

We once thought we'd never need new Dashboard Confessional music more than when we did in high school, but then 2021 happened; the time is nigh.

Hear "Here's to Moving On," watch the album trailer and dig into tracklist below.

All the Truth That I Can Tell:

1. Burning Heart
2. Everyone Else Is Just Noise
3. Here's to Moving On
4. The Better of Me
5. Southbound and Sinking
6. Sleep In
7. Me and Mine
8. Sunshine State
9. Pain Free in Three Chords
10. Young
11. All the Truth That I Can Tell

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