Darkest Hour / Born Of Osiris / Arise and Ruin Reverb, Toronto ON February 5

Darkest Hour / Born Of Osiris / Arise and Ruin Reverb, Toronto ON February 5
Going to shows is pretty much self-inflicted torture during the winter months so when the trek is over you arrive expecting to be entertained to the tits and eventually this would come to pass in a heavily housed Reverb.

Guelph's Arise and Ruin were looking to impress the crowd with songs from their new album, set to be released this spring, which didn't really sound any different from their usual mosh-metal-breakdown style. Their performance was fragile considering they usually play to their strengths by getting the crowd churning and flailing but this was not the case tonight.

This night would prove fruitful, sooner rather than later, as I was introduced to Chicago Illinois' Born Of Osiris and can say that they were well and above the aforementioned act with their performance. Drummer Cameron Losch kicked his bass with three pedals and soon was attacked with a furry of progressive death metal or maybe it was progressive deathcore. Taking cues from bands like Between The Buried and Me and Despised Icon, as well as tossing in some synth their sound was damn heavy and technically tight.

It was an easy call guessing that Darkest Hour would open with "Doomsayer" since it has all the perfect qualities of an opener: quiet acoustic intro to keep the lights low, a quick build up that transitions into some sweet riffs, a speedy snare-high-hat combo and crusty vocals. I'd be lying if I didn't say that Darkest Hour aren't amazing just like I'd be lying if I didn't say that this is the kind of music cookie cutter metal bands should be jealous of. Their tight unity resulted in absolute dynamite musicianship that was over the top with sweeping guitar solos, shredding and a set that was never to be equalled on this frosty evening.

Their opener was just the start of a shred-fest that encompassed songs from Deliver Us, Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation, Undoing Ruin and then the true die-hards were blessed with "The Mark Of The Judas." So was it worth traversing the frigid tundra? Does Santa Claus squeeze his chubby red ass down a chimney once a year?