darkDARK Tap Into the Zeitgeist on 'We Forget When We're Apart' EP

Listen to the record in full ahead of its Friday release
darkDARK Tap Into the Zeitgeist on 'We Forget When We're Apart' EP
Following up their 2017 debut EP Heathered, futuristic electropop duo darkDARK are all set to release their latest EP, We Forget When We're Apart. While the record officially arrives tomorrow (July 31), you can listen to it in its entirety a little early here at Exclaim! — courtesy of Nettwerk Music.

Formed remotely by the group's co-producers, Austin-based Chris James, and L.A.-based Genevieve Vincent, darkDARK is a project that proves to be ever in-tune with the climate of the times. On their latest EP, the duo tackle the rawness of existence in such an uncertain era, while speaking to the intense emotions that something like a global pandemic can collectively inspire.

"Every song is hyper-emotional in some way, and everyone is feeling that under a magnifying glass right now," James explains.

In keeping with the zeitgeist, the five-track EP was created mainly through passing digital sound files back and forth, sometimes up to a dozen times each — the quintessential pandemic way. 

darkDARK elaborate on their process further in the following statement:

We wrote this EP living in different states, so we imagined these shared "settings" or "spaces" where we could write together and create a cohesive sound for each song. When we started writing, we didn't talk about what the songs were going to be about, but in sending them back and forth, we realized that we were both having the same feelings about different memories; disappointing someone you love, falling in love for the first time, starting over, feeling young and invincible, or out of place, are things we've both experienced.

Sometimes when we go back to a memory it feels like a movie in our head, and we were kind of creating these vignettes so we could experience them together. Because we were apart during the making the EP, we would hang out in these imaginary spaces.

Ahead of the EP's release tomorrow, dive into darkDARK's "imaginary spaces" and listen to We Forget When We're Apart — including Giraffage's remix of "No Symmetry" — in full below.