Daniel Lanois Announces Release Details for New Black Dub Album

Daniel Lanois Announces Release Details for New Black Dub Album
Canadian songwriter/super-producer Daniel Lanois is currently recovering from his near-fatal motorcycle crash, but the injury hasn't slowed his prolific output. In addition to putting the finishing touches on the new Neil Young album, Lanois is also getting set to unveil an LP with his band, Black Dub, who have now given their record some firm release details.

Blurt reports that the album will be self-titled, and will come out on Jive on November 2. The record was recorded mostly live off the floor and features Lanois on guitar. Rounding out the group are Trixie Whitley on vocals, Brian Blade on drums and Daryl Johnson on bass. You can see the tracklist below.

Lanois told Rolling Stone, "I had been fantasizing about putting a band together for a long time that would allow me to write music with a funkier angle. I've also had a fascination with Jamaican dub music." The album went so well that the group are reportedly already talking about album No. 2.

As the songs were recorded mostly live, they will be accompanied by in-studio videos. You can watch the a of "I Believe in You" at the bottom of the page. If you go here, you can pick up a free download of the song "Surely," as performed on KCRW.

Lanois previously said that he hoped Black Dub would be out on the road by next summer. The group's official website, however, currently says that a November 2010 tour will be announced soon. Hopefully that means Lanois is recovering faster than expected.

Black Dub:

1. "Love Lives"
2. "I Believe in You"
3. "Ring the Alarm"
4. "Last Time"
5. "Surely"
6. "Nomad"
7. "Slow Baby"
8. "Silverado"
9. "Canaan"
10. "Sing"
11. "Sirens"