Daniel, Fred & Julie "Runner"

Daniel, Fred & Julie 'Runner'
As it turns out, Canada has an indie-rock "Monsters of Folk" to call its own. This past summer, Daniel Romano of Welland's Attack in Black travelled to Sackville, NB to visit his old friends, Julie Doiron and her partner (musical and otherwise), Fred Squire. Armed with books of folk songs―some in the public domain, others recognizable or else brand new―the trio quickly came up with arrangements, set up some mics between them, and proceeded to one-take a new collection of songs for Daniel, Fred, & Julie, which is due out December 1st on You've Changed Records.

"Runner" is an original penned by Romano and is rendered wonderfully by Squire on lead vocal with three-part harmonies popping up during the song's chorus-like dramatic peaks. The mono recording sounds timeless, with traces of Pete Seeger infusing the dark folk treatment with a forlorn waver. It's just plain haunting and the harbinger of an unexpected classic from three of this country's most varied and unique musical minds.

Listen to Daniel, Fred & Julie's "Runner" here.