Danger Mouse Take Care of Business

Lex continues their tradition for releasing interesting vinyl slices with this inspired, weeklong recording project. The star of the show is supposed to be Danger Mouse, who produces two string-laced club tracks and one for underground radio. However, the true star here is guest vocalist Jemini the Gifted One, who comes off as two separate MCs throughout all three tracks. Utilising two different voices and flows through two different mics, Jemini easily fools the casual listener, especially with his slick back-and-forths on "Take Care of Business." The title track, set to become a club hit soon, also features a tight verse of pimp-ology by J-Zone, who offered up his Pimp Palace East studios for the recording. However, "Live on Both Sides" is blander and a pretty typical party jam that just sounds familiar, and underground head cred is offered up with a sarcastic, radio-friendly public service announcement, "Don't Do Drugs." With a Rat Pack merging of "Putting on the Ritz," by Taco, and the Audio Two's "Top Billin'," Danger Mouse creates nostalgia for the speak-easy with the most enjoyable of the productions. Although the lyrics are likely to become tiresome on this track, Jemini impresses by trying to convert the opinions of one voice with his second voice. Supposedly, these are the party songs from Danger Mouse's upcoming album, so the sound of the full-length should be full of surprises and mystery. (Lex)