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Crafting timeless punk, Birmingham, AL’s Dan Sartain infuses an excellent, earnest rock’n’roll record with humour and catchy arrangements. Sartain is a playful greaser, romanticising about street toughs, hard women, and settling man-to-man disputes the old-fashioned way. The music here strays close to contemporary takes on early rockabilly and surf rock with Sartain’s wounded, smooth criminal voice rendering edgy, tough-guy lyrics with all the pride and sincerity in the world. "Drama Queens” is a fantastic kiss-off — a blast of infectious energy stemming mostly from Sartain’s taunting voice. "Totem Pole” is a narrative-based dose of spaghetti-western twang, ripe with danger that is amplified further on the glorious stomper "Gun vs. Knife,” which follows after the chivalry and heroism found in West Side Story. "Young Girls” cuts to the chase, as Sartain opens up about his muse, cooing like Nick Cave about the senselessness of lust over a sparse guitar, drums and piano-led pounder. Partially produced and arranged by Rocket From the Crypt front-man John Reis, songs like "Thought it Over” bare his trademark intricacy, ambition and exciting rock composition, which Sartain certainly benefits from. With a versatile voice and an eclectic interest in folk and rock that is akin to Jonathan Richman, Dan Sartain has written a fascinating punk record. (Swami)