Daft Punk Get Their Own Tron Headphones

Daft Punk Get Their Own <i>Tron</i> Headphones
If you were thinking of dressing up for next week's Tron Legacy premiere, you might want to consider one last piece to add to your crazy neon-trimmed costume. Daft Punk, who of course scored the film, have unveiled a new pair of headphones to celebrate the occasion.

AUX points to an Amazon listing for Monster Cable's new Daft Punk Tron edition headphones. The headgear, which will set you back $299.95 U.S., is equipped with noise isolation, low-end surround and, most impressively, 64 embedded Tron Legacy LED light drivers for animated lighting effects.

Here's how the product description reads :

"The Tron T1 headphones are a harmony of Tron's iconic design and Monster's precise and powerful audio technology. They are the ultimate headphones for music lovers, film fanatics and serious gamers, delivering the most amazing immersive sound experience, enhanced visually by Tron's striking style."

Unfortunately Amazon currently lists the item as sold out, but here's hoping they get some more in time for the premiere, or at least Christmas. If not, you could always shell out for one of these little guys.