D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley Is Running for Mayor of Burnaby

D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley Is Running for Mayor of Burnaby
Being no stranger to politics, D.O.A. leader Joe "Shithead" Keithley has announced he's now running for mayor.

The Canadian punk hero made the announcement this week, stating that he will be running for the position of mayor in his hometown of Burnaby, BC, just outside Vancouver. Like his last political bid, Keithley will be running as a member of the Green Party.

In Keithley's announcement, he wrote, "I am going to fight for grassroots democracy where everybody's voice is heard! I will put a stop to the heartless Demovictions that are a disgrace to Burnaby, BC and Canada. The Burnaby Greens will work towards making Burnaby a greener and more sustainable city. We will also do whatever it takes to stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion."

As previously reported, Keithley tried to get an MLA position in the Coquitlam-Burke Mountain riding back in 2015, as well as ran for the Green Party in 1996 and 2001. He also ran as an NDP candidate in BC's 2013 provincial election.

Metro Vancouver's next municipal election will take place this fall on October 20. While many of the region's existing mayors have already announced that they will be stepping down, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan will be running for a sixth term in October.