D-Sisive Announces Final Album, Shares New Tracks

D-Sisive Announces Final Album, Shares New Tracks
D-Sisive released two LPs in 2009, so it's only fitting that the prolific Toronto, ON MC is going to release two albums in 2010 as well. Following the Exclaim!-approved Vaudeville, which came out back in June, the rapper is getting set to release Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye, which he says will be his last under the D-Sisive moniker.

The album title is a reference to D-Sisive's 2009 album, Jonestown, and will be released as a free download on November 28. It was produced by Toronto hip-hop whiz Muneshine, who made the beats.

In a press release, D-Sisive wrote, "Sorry if I confuse you with so much new music. It can be very confusing." He added that this will be his final release under the D-Sisive name, but didn't clarify whether this meant he would be simply switching to his given name, Derek Christoff, or some other moniker.

The rapper has released two tracks as a preview of the album: "No More Words" and "If." The former features a sample of Weezer's "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" and can be heard below. Check out "If" in the second video below.

You can pick up a free download of both tracks, along with a handful of edits, right here.

D-Sisive will be playing show in Toronto on November 27 at the Horseshoe Tavern. The MC wrote, "It's a funeral for my second album. Live band. Tuxedos. Should be fun!"