D-Sisive "GG Allin" (video)

D-Sisive 'GG Allin' (video)
Toronto rapper D-Sisive is back again with a video for his new track "GG Allin." The song, whose title references the punk legend of the same name, is the first single from Run With the Creeps, out November 8 on Urbnet.

The video features a bloodied, beat-up looking D-Sisive spitting rhymes in to the camera, who stated in a press release that the song is dedicated to a couple specific bloggers that "succeeded in throwing me off slightly with their jabs."

He continued to explain that "GG Allin" was not written about the harsher critiques he's received. "Dedicated to, not inspired by. Dedicated to those who don't get what I'm trying to do. Not everybody will. Not everybody should. Not everybody will like it, and I understand that."

Check out the video for D-Sisive's "GG Allin" below.