D-Sisive "Four"

D-Sisive 'Four'
Suddenly prolific Toronto hip-hop innovator D-Sisive is teasing us with pre-release singles from Jonestown, his next full-length album, due November 18 (the 31st anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre). Hot on the heels of his acclaimed 2009 record, Let the Children Die, Jonestown already sounds like it's going to cover some disturbing fare. And D-Sisive clearly likes it like that.

The first single "Four" is short but forceful, copping the spooky, off-kilter instrumental "Ally Spying" from Slim Twig's stellar album Contempt! for its backing track. For his part D-Sisive lets loose a threatening tirade against wack rappers. "Four" is a short but lethal dose.

Listen to "Four (Radio Edit)" by D-Sisive here here.