D-Sisive "The Busker" (video)

D-Sisive 'The Busker' (video)
Toronto MC D-Sisive is back with a video for new track "The Busker." The song comes from the soon-to-be-released Run With the Creeps (The D-Luxe Edition), which drops on April 10 via Urbnet.

The new version of the record includes six brand new songs, including "The Busker" and a collaboration with Neverending White Lights, plus an extended version of "The Stranded," four tape recorder demos and a cover of Dee Dee Ramone's "Funky Man."

Check out the updated tracklist for the D-Luxe Edition, which you can pre-order here, below, and watch the colourful video for "The Busker" at the bottom of the page.

Run With the Creeps (The D-Luxe Edition):

1. Run

2. The Invisible Man

3. GG Allin

4. The Unknown [ft. Birdapres & Cadence Weapon]

5. The Creep [by Nick Thran]

6. To The Moon [ft. Motem]

7. Orin's House

8. The Creep 2 [by Nick Thran]

9. Ceiling Fan

10. The Stranded [extended]

11. Chest Piece [ft. Muneshine & Adam Bomb]

12. The Symbol [by Liz Worth]

13. Jolly Good Fellow

14. One Last Dance [ft Jay Malinowski]

15. Brian Wilson [verse one a cappella tape recorder demo 2008]

16. Brian Wilson [verse one|tape recorder demo|2008]

17. Radio On [unreleased tape recorder demo 2008]

18. Laundry Room [tape recorder demo 2008]

19. The Busker [part one]

20. Bang Boogie

21. Funky Man [Dee Dee Ramone:Hijacked]

22. A Little Song For You [ft. Matt Brevner]

23. Don't Turn The Lights Out [ft. Neverending White Lights]