Critical Madness 1st Amendment

Fans of New York City’s Non-Phixion should be impressed with the first single from Critical Madness’ upcoming debut album, Bringing Out the Dead. Like Non-Phixion, Orlando, FL’s Critical and Madness rep with raps about politics and hip-hop culture over hardcore, underground NY beats. So, it-s no big surprise to find Non-Phixion’s Sabac Red dropping a verse on a-side track "1st Amendment.” It’s a great fit, and a phenomenal coup that should bring some warranted attention to this duo. Producer Tempermental supplies the production for both of the twelve-inch’s dark, up-tempo beats. For "1st Amendment,” he takes simple but tough drums and layers them with strings and piano for all three MCs to defend their right to the freedom of speech. It’s the obvious choice for the a-side cut. On the flipside, Tempermental mixes harder drums with some sax samples for "Dropped,” a braggadocio warning to the wack from these two seasoned battle vets. With a high-profile guest appearance and two tight tracks, along with corresponding instrumentals, Critical Mass are bound to earn some interest for Bringing Out the Dead. (Dead Beats)