Cristobal Tapia de Veer's 'Humans' Soundtrack Set for Release

Cristobal Tapia de Veer's 'Humans' Soundtrack Set for Release
Following Cristobal Tapia de Veer's mind-expanding work on the dearly departed Utopia, the adventurous film scorer will now see a soundtrack release behind his most recent project, the android-geared sci-fi series Humans.

As Film Music Reporter points out, Silva Screen Records will release the synth-geared soundtrack to the AMC/C4 series on December 4. So far, it appears that the release may be CD and digital only. However, it should be pointed out that Silva Screen did press vinyl versions of the soundtracks behind both seasons of Utopia.

Down below you can see the tracklist to the Humans soundtrack, which is spread across two discs. You can also check out a few samples of Tapia de Veer's future-driven, IDM-flirting score.

As far as the actual show is concerned, the UK remake of the Swedish robo-drama is slated to return with a second season in 2016.

Humans Original Soundtrack

Disc 1:

1. Synthetic Humans: Genesis
2. Outcasts
3. Singularity Slaves
4. Sentients part 1
5. Exodus/Recovery
6. Are You Conscious?
7. Meant To Feel
8. No Harm Will Ever Come To You
9. Hijackers
10. Faster, Stronger, Fearless
11. 18+

Disc 2:

12. Synthetic Humans: Intelligence Explosion
13. Niska Strikes Back
14. Creeping Robots
15. Apricot Jam
16. I was never little
17. Bring Her Back
18. Bloody Circuits Recharged
19. If I die it means I have lived
20. Tree Of Life
21. Sentients part 2
22. Mia Resurrected