Crimson Spectre Crimson Spectre

It's nice to know that there are still a few bands out there proudly carrying on the fine tradition of screaming, political hardcore. North Carolina-based Crimson Spectre's eponymous 13-song disc is something of an oasis in a faux-punk desert. With a look that recalls the Misfits and pre-sell-out AFI and a sound that would rival the Bad Brains or Minor Threat back in the day, this ghastly, macabre record is as angry as it is blisteringly fast and as urgent as it is incisive. Touching on some of the social ills that too many bands are afraid to talk about in such stark terms, Crimson Spectre goes Ungovernable Force-era Conflict on American corporate culture where profits are put before people. It's a problem that the screaming vocals are often indiscernible when the songs are trying to convey such an important message, but a simple perusal of the lyrics sheet will fix that right up. (Magic Bullet)