The Cribs "Glitters Like Gold" (video)

The Cribs 'Glitters Like Gold' (video)
Despite appearing like a bad-quality Pop Up Video rerun, the Cribs' new video for "Glitters Like Gold" is both hilarious and innovative. Playing like an old-school, low-budget video, the pop-up blurbs are actually interactive -- clicking on them will redirect you to related video content featuring the band.

For example, we learn that "Ryan is bowling mad!" and when you hit the link you can watch Ryan bowl for a whole two hours. Or, click on the tidbit about the band's rowing hobby and watch the group as they paddle around in a little boat.

It's a pretty cool idea that provides viewers with entertainment well beyond the four minutes that the song actually plays. Although you'd have to be a really dedicated fan to make it through ones like the 29-minute-long game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Nevertheless, check out the interactive clip. which was directed by Andy Knowles and Stephen Agnew. for the Cribs' "Glitters Like Gold" below. In the Belly of the Brazen Bull is out now on Wichita.