The Cribs "Come On, Be a No-One" (video)

The Cribs 'Come On, Be a No-One' (video)
As previously reported, English family band the Cribs are issuing their next full-length In the Belly of the Brazen Bull this May, and will precede the release with a quickie North American tour. Up first, however, is the new video for album track "Come On, Be a No-One," which funnily enough promotes both upcoming events.

The video for the fuzzy power pop anthem is presented as part concert clip, part travelogue, alternating between shots of bowl-cutted singer/guitarist Ryan Jarman shouting onstage and the band taking in an eyeful of scenery for some pre-show sight-seeing.

A bit of a tip for those attending any of the upcoming gigs, a set list shown in the vid reveals exactly when the troupe will perform the cut each night, so you might want to study the chorus if you want to sing along.

As previously reported, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull comes out May 8 via Wichita.