Crematory Revolution

Crematory’s last studio album came out in 2000, and after a supporting tour and a subsequent live album the band had been put to rest. With Revolution, that rest has come to an end. The first several minutes of the record offer a good (and not too surprising) indication of the elements to follow; the electronic-accented and guitar-anchored rhythm of the intro leading into the deep growls and faster pace starting off the next track, "Wake Up.” From there on in these aspects are variously buried and revived, woven and undone — thrash and groove metal, prog and EBM, controlled melody and deathly chaos. Despite some of the overwhelmingly negative themes — corresponding to titles like "Reign of Fear,” "Greed,” "Solitary Psycho,” or "Human Blood” — and the dark and vicious sounds that sometimes underscore them, Revolution has an unsubmergible celebratory feel, part danceability and part sheer power. Take it as an invitation to celebrate Crematory’s exultant return to life. (Nuclear Blast)