Coyote "Going Down"

Coyote 'Going Down'
From an interesting little town called "Somewhere Nice, Proper Balearic" in the UK - actually, I think it's Nottingham that they're from - the duo of Timm Sure and Ampo bring cool, mesmeric vibes that are convincing enough to make anyone believe they've built a modern-day Utopia.

Having DJed the circuit for the last 20 years, the pair began recording EPs under the guise of Coyote through their aptly-named Is It Balearic? label, which is set to release their debut album any day now. With a mission to "release unashamed beach-lolling dub-funk epics which make perfect sense when the sun's going down," Coyote certainly live up to their word.

"Going Down" is chill out sans the cheese, that constructs a constant flux of bliss through Talk Talk-ish piano-led ambience, a palpitating mix of bongos and live drums, and fluttering synth oscillations that borrow from select Richard James' ambient works. The vocal snippets only send you deeper into paradise, muttering like you've been professionally hypnotised.

If Calgon can't take you away, try Coyote on for size.