Cow Named After Posh Spice Breaks World Sales Record at Auction

Wilodge Poshspice has sold for £262,000
Cow Named After Posh Spice Breaks World Sales Record at Auction
An English cow named after Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls pseudonym, Posh Spice, has sold for a record-breaking sum for her breed.

The pedigree from Shropshire, UK — whose full name is Wilodge Poshspice — was sold for £262,000 ($459,462 CAD) last week at an auctioneer's in Carlisle. According to the British Limousin Cattle Society [via BBC], Posh's record-breaking sale has doubled that of the previous title cow, Posh's mother Milbrook Gingerspice, who sold for £131,250 in 2014.

The one-year-old's hefty price tag comes in recognition of her "stunning visual appeal" and a certain "x-factor," among other desirable attributes. It's believed that Posh's excellence has fetched the highest-ever sum paid for a single cow in Europe.

"The society is delighted to offer its congratulations to the team at Wilodge for this incredible iconic achievement that marks a wealth of breeding over the decades," British Limousin Cattle Society breed secretary Will Ketley said in a statement.

Her breeders, Christine Williams and Paul Tippets of Lodge Hill Farm, have likened the experience to "winning the lottery." The pair "never ever expected her to make that much in our wildest dreams."

Well done, Posh.