Courtney Love Denies Rumours of Kurt Cobain Musical

Courtney Love Denies Rumours of Kurt Cobain Musical
Last month, the music world let out a collective sigh over the news that Courtney Love and manager Sam Lufti were working on a Broadway musical based on the life of her legendary late husband Kurt Cobain. Now, however, Love has come out to state that the rumours simply aren't true.

In an interview with The Observer, Love was quick to explain that she won't sign off on the project. "There will be no musical," she said. "Sometimes it's best just to leave things alone."

"I said yes once — to Baz Luhrmann to use eight seconds of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in Moulin Rouge," she added. "But he wasn't allowed to use it in the marketing. I didn't get the part in the film. I was so pissed off I made up the term to 'Baz' somebody."

In fact, Love added that she wasn't even aware of The Muppets' use of the iconic song until the film came out, at which point she considered suing Kermit and co. "What the fuck's with the Muppets? I happen to like Elmo and I think the Cookie Monster is interesting but I know him [Kurt] and I know he didn't want to be a Muppet. It was a disgrace. Like pissing on a grave."

So there you have it — Courtney Love claims that the Nirvana musical won't happen, and insists that she wants to protect Nirvana's legacy. We'll see who she decides to blame when CBS airs its upcoming sitcom Smells Like Teen Spirit.