Corrosion of Conformity Reissue 'Eye for an Eye'

Corrosion of Conformity Reissue 'Eye for an Eye'
This year saw Corrosion of Conformity deliver a self-titled set featuring original band members Reed Mullin (drums), Mike Dean (bass) and Woody Weatherman (guitars). New followers to the classic crossover act looking to dig even deeper into the group's catalogue can now brace themselves for a reissue of their 1984 debut, Eye for an Eye.

According to a press release, the newly prepped CD version of Eye for an Eye will compile the 20-song set, featuring original vocalist Eric Eycke, as well as the aptly-titled Six Songs with Mike Singing EP from 1989, which recast some older songs with Dean on the mic. Both have been out-of-print for some time, and will be presented in a standard edition and a deluxe digibook edition limited to 1000 that'll feature extended liner notes and a "rare pictorial gallery."

Delivered two years after the band formed, Eye for an Eye is the punkiest offering in the group's repertoire, and ushered Corrosion of Conformity into the same league as their hardcore heroes before the band morphed into their crossover and Southern metal periods.

"Making that album was our dream and we worked hard to make it happen because it was the vehicle to allow us to go out and play two hundred shows a year, like the bands we looked up to -- Black Flag, Bad Brains, D.O.A." Dean said in a statement.

Weatherman added, "We were just kids when we wrote and recorded these tunes. I had basically written this off as being our sloppy beginner's effort but listening to it now, I really hear a few songs that hold up well."

Eye For An Eye/Six Songs with Mike Singing:

1. Tell Me

2. Minds Are Controlled

3. Indifferent

4. Broken Will

5. Rabid Dogs

6. L.S.

7. Rednekkk

8. Coexist

9. Excluded

10. Dark Thoughts

11. Poison Planet

12. What?

13. Negative Outlook

14. Positive Outlook

15. No Drunk

16. College Town

17. Not Safe

18. Eye For An Eye

19. Nothing's Gonna Change

20. Green Manalishi

21. Eye For An Eye

22. Center of the World

23. Citizen

24. Not For Me

25. What ?

26. Negative Outlook