Commit Suicide Synthetics

If you’ve gotten a bit bogged down by the oppressive, computer-laden, non-emotive sounds of today’s death metal scene, Synthetics is the record for you. Commit Suicide are an extremely talented bunch playing technical death metal and grindcore, bringing to mind later-era Gorguts without the pummelling bass-heavy production. Truth be told, the production is what puts this one over the top: the drums sound like drums! I know it’s hard to believe drums can sound like drums in 2004, but these guys have somehow, miraculously and incredibly, pulled it off. And it works wonders, reminding the listener that behind all these swirling grind riffs, perfect blast beats and cool, not-quite-Cookie Monster vocals lurk some human beings, just like you and I. A highlight is the drumming of Lee Fisher, who carries the album with his impressive fills and rolls and spot-on blasting (and again, it sounds natural). With a playing time that’s not too long and not too short, the ten songs on Synthetics will no doubt keep you coming back for more. (Willowtip)