Come 'All Together Now' with Dan Mangan's Concert Film

It is "like no other music doc," says the songwriter
Come 'All Together Now' with Dan Mangan's Concert Film
Photo: Stephen McGill
Dan Mangan has announced an upcoming documentary, All Together Now, slated for release on October 30 at 12 p.m. PT and 3 p.m. ET. The film features concert footage from the artist's 2019 hometown show at Vancouver's historic Vogue Theatre. The 50-minute documentary will air, followed by a interactive Q&A via Zoom with Mangan and the Amazing Factory production team.

All Together Now was captured unconventionally, with much of the film sourced from the concert's crowd. The unique approach resulted in the immersive, eye-level shots seen in the announcement's accompanying trailer. In an Instagram post, Mangan said the film is "like no other music doc."

The trailer's YouTube description features a statement on the amorphous nature of concert's within our minds:

As memories, our favourite concerts are not recollected as linear events but as fragmented pieces of a collective experience. In hopes of touching the warmth of these moments, we keep them nearby like cherished novels in the bookshelves of our minds. All Together Now is the concert doc reimagined. Akin to our mind's eye, the film approaches documentation with an abandon for linear history. We don't witness an evening from the past so much as feel its gravity.

The film is produced by Amazing Factory, a company known for releasing movies and videos for West Coast indie rock groups like Said the Whale and We Are the City. Ticket holders will have the opportunity to re-watch the screening and Q&A and retain ongoing access to "All Together Now."

Purchase tickets for the screening here, and watch the documentary's trailer below.

Dan Mangan 2021 Tour Dates:

11/22 Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
11/23 Kitchener, ON - Centre in the Square