Colour Me Wednesday "Shut" / "What Happened?" (EP stream)

Colour Me Wednesday 'Shut' / 'What Happened?' (EP stream)
Vancouver's Kingfisher Bluez imprint is once again looking outside of its own backyard to shine some light on the international indie pop scene. This time around, the label is releasing a new 7-inch from UK outfit Colour Me Wednesday.

The distortion-dusted pop rock A-side "Shut" was pulled from the band's 2013 full-length I Thought It Was Morning and finds Jennifer Doveton singing nostalgic lines about past problems, trying to figure out why she's not prone to making an argument. Exclusive B-side "What Happened?" plays out like a vintage Blake Babies track, merging early '90s alt-rock jangle with sociopolitical lines about all those people trying to be "the same kind of special."

Down below, you'll find a stream for their 7-inch, which comes in a limited pressing of 300 copies on "watermelon pink" vinyl. Beneath the audio stream, you'll also find the playground-set video for "Shut," which finds Doveton singing the song from a spinning roundabout. You can also buy the 7-inch over here on Bandcamp.