Colin Munroe "Invincible" (ft. RZA & Memoryhouse)

Colin Munroe 'Invincible' (ft. RZA & Memoryhouse)
Memoryhouse recently hinted that they had an exciting new collaboration in the works, as the band's Evan Abeele told Exclaim!, "We're in Los Angeles recording with an R&B singer and legendary hip-hop producer. There will be a release that will see the light of day, but we can't give names yet. It won't be for a Memoryhouse release, but for the singer and his collaborator." Now, we've got the track that he was presumably talking about in "Invincible" by Ontario's Colin Munroe featuring RZA and Memoryhouse.

This soulful song comes from Munroe's forthcoming project Unsung Hero, which is evidently different from his previous mixtape Colin Munroe Is the Unsung Hero.

We're not entirely sure how much of this track was Memoryhouse's doing (the jagged guitar sounds perhaps?), but singer Denise Nouvion contributes some vocals to the second half of the song. Listen below.