Coldplay Once Again Sued for Plagiarism

Coldplay Once Again Sued for Plagiarism
Being one of the biggest bands in the world has its downsides. Yes, there are perks - money, fame, beautiful women - but the drawback is that everyone tries to claim a piece of your legacy.

British megastars Coldplay are learning this the hard way. They've already been sued for copyright infringement by Joe Satriani, the virtuoso guitarist who claimed that Coldplay's hit "Viva la Vida" was lifted from his "If I Could Fly." And similar claims came from Cat Stevens and Brooklyn indie rockers Creaky Boards, as well as British singer-songwriter Andy J Gallagher.

Now, TMZ reports that some musician named Sammie Lee Smith has filed a lawsuit against the band in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming that they stole the hits "Yellow," "Clocks" and "Trouble" from him.

In the lawsuit, the self-described "well-talented" but "unknown" songwriter stated that he has made over 4,000 tapes in his lifetime, but did not explain how three of them supposedly made their way into Coldplay's hands. He also didn't explain why it took him so long to come forward. After all, it has been a decade since "Yellow" and "Trouble" were first released.

Smith is seeking financial compensation and has requested that the band stop playing the songs.

For some reason, this lawsuit reminds of that time Depeche Mode's Martin Gore was subpoenaed in that crazy World of Warcraft lawsuit.