Cold Cave Quietus Mix 19: Cold Cave & Prurient's Unholy Alliance

Cold Cave <i>Quietus Mix 19: Cold Cave & Prurient's Unholy Alliance</i>
Dark synth pop trio Cold Cave are gearing up to release their anticipated Cherish the Light Years album, and while the attention is on them, they've decided to turn fans on to some of their inspirations in the process.

 Teaming up with The Quietus, Cold Cave and Prurient member Dominick Fernow has dropped a mix to demonstrate the crossover of industrial, noise and new wave that makes up their sound. The mix brings in everyone from Vatican Shadow and Wolf Eyes to Nine Inch Nails. Stream Fernow's Quietus mix below.

If you haven't checked it out yet, Cold Cave's Cherish the Light Years can be heard in full here as well. The album is set to drop on April 5 via Matador.