Coffin Torture Dismal Planet

Coffin Torture Dismal Planet
Rusty, rotten nastiness! That's what comes to mind listening to Coffin Torture's first, Earth-shattering full-length, Dismal Planet. Lumbering like some war machine through the murk of a polluted ocean, this two-piece doom outfit seem take pride in all that is ugly.
With not a moment's respite from the dense layer of scum that seems to pervade the album, the sheer amount of distortion alone feels somewhat hallucinatory, lulling you into a daze as "Izhar" or "Bolted Down, Boiled to Grease" kick your teeth in.
Songs like "D.H.F" recall Electric Wizard in their glorious simplicity, fuzzed-out nature, and just the right amount of Sabbath worship. "Bull of Minos" fittingly seems to gallop in its tempo, bringing to mind some of Conan's faster songs, and proves a worthy opener to the album.
The definite black sheep would be "Gustave," which marks the halfway point on Dismal Planet memorably with a High On Fire-esque attack that outruns every other song, but doesn't feel wholly out of place either.
Despite evident similarities to other bands, Coffin Torture manage to retain their own musical personality through that muddy haze of sonic distortion, and do well to prove their worth, as Dismal Planet is an exceedingly ugly transmission of barbaric doom from dimension Z that does not overstay its welcome. (Sludgelord Records)