The Coathangers "Shake Shake"/"Tonya Harding"

The Coathangers 'Shake Shake'/'Tonya Harding'
It's a little nerve-racking when the only site hosting the song I was looking to feature is Spin, of all sources, but such an obstacle isn't enough to distract me from raving about the Coathangers, a band due to follow Atlantan peers like Deerhunter and Black Lips into the choosy hearts of hipsters.

These four gals write and perform their music like they're acting out scenes of Gossip Girl, naming songs like "Haterade," "Where the Hell Were You?" and "Don't Touch My Shit!" No surprises here, they gab about the most superficial nothings in the most extreme grating voices imaginable, and yet I don't think there's a more relevant band out there.

If only the term "mall punk" hadn't been wasted on noids like Sum 41 and Good CharlotteĀ… Although, if these gals are in a mall, they're not exactly charging everything to daddy's gold card; they'll be the ones smoking in the food court, getting the cute Orange Julius boys in trouble for flirting with customers and overloading Forever 21's fitting room with "un-uhs."

All that and a song named "Tonya Harding," a clap-along punker, led by a starving Farfisa that tells the ill-fated story of a figure skating hack from the perspective of a vague gossipmonger.

New single "Shake Shake" (order it from Suicide Squeeze) can be heard here.

Or stream the entirety of last year's engrossingly fresh debut self-titled album over at their website (look for "stream the album" at the bottom of the screen).

The Coathangers - "Tanya Harding" from ataricharm on Vimeo.