The Coathangers "Follow Me"

The Coathangers 'Follow Me'
The Coathangers will premiere their new, trimmed-down three-piece lineup on their upcoming Suck My Shirt LP, but you can get a sneak peek at the platter now via a stream of its rowdy first single "Follow Me."

As previously reported, the band's new record is said to feature a more pronounced art-pop influence, but this is classic Coathangers, thriving off of percussive guitar stabs, a straight-forward thud and raw, throat-shredding vocals courtesy of drummer Rusty Coathanger (a.k.a. Stephanie Luke). The track has the percussionist admitting that while she's taking the lead on the journey that is life, she may not know exactly where she's going.

If you're the kind of person that lakes to take a gamble on life, give the song a stream down below.

Suck My Shirt hits retailers March 18 via Suicide Squeeze.