Clove Go

Let's talk about cars. Let's talk about car wrecks, drag races, cruisin' on the open road, chasin' down the American dream; let's talk about goin'. This album's all about motion - drivin', flyin', runnin', ramblin', moseyin' and generally gettin' lost - songs for the open road generation. The escapist urge is strong and busting out in America via Clove (granted, if you were from Pennsylvania coal country you'd wanna split right quick, too). Yup, Clove is trapped and dying to get out. And the place they want to get to is California, so they can write songs for Dawson's Creek. This music softly serenades the sad, mopey teenager inside all of us. Catchy guitar riffs, lyrics that should be poignant but aren't and standard arrangements that don't offer any surprises. The themes are familiar: lost love, lost innocence, fucked-up families, wind through the hair - it's all as corny as a torn, tortured Pacey's hidden lust for the dove-eyed, raven-haired Joey ("but what will we say to Dawson?"). This album isn't offensive. That's not in its nature. It isn't even bad, but all the same - yecch. (Independent)