Closed Casket Funeral / Starring Janet Leigh Split

Closed Casket Funeral begins this four-song split of madness with a very deathcore approach not unlike that of Despised Icon, incorporating a greater ratio of pronounced breakdowns and not as much southern groove. They avoid the annoying genericisms often associated with your typical "core” breakdown by adding elements of surprise and using them as short but sweet hooks amongst all sorts of random technicalities. The sound could use a little work, especially when it comes to the overwhelming drum levels, but their two tracks still appeal. SJL bring what seems like a million riffs to the table, twisting in and out of tumultuous, breakneck guitar attacks; they are clever moments of invention in a technical approach that’s akin to Psyopus. The drums are particularly intriguing, especially all of the creative cymbal work, which adds a colourful dimension to the skilful and vibrant battering. While there is a faint semblance of structure, it’s the kind of thing that may require a few listens before it can be completely absorbed. They’ll keep you guessing, adding a single laidback moment, as well as an amusing Green Day reference, while the rare breakdown makes an appearance amidst all these bizarre quirks. Though a couple more tracks wouldn’t have hurt, this split serves its purpose and leaves the listener wanting more. (Crucial Blast)