Clones Need A Wave

The solo outing of Jeffie Pop from New Town Animals, Clones, a band composed entirely of Jeffie’s clones, is a group dedicated to the constant pursuit of bouncy, new wave style power pop punk. A strong collection of fun songs about being cloned and rocking and rolling, Need A Wave is a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still features some excellent musicianship and stellar songwriting. Recalling a more punk rock version of Duran Duran, or possibly a more new wave version of the Buzzcocks, Jeffie Genetic’s songs are catchy as hell without being derivative or sickly sweet. An album that, for the most part, remains fun and fresh from start to finish, Need A Wave’s declaration of "Beware clones are everywhere” may not be warning so much as a celebration; if this is the sound of cloning, then the future looks a lot like a more ironic version of 1986. (Dirtnap)