The Clik Clik "My Dunks" (Demo)

The Clik Clik 'My Dunks' (Demo)
Sneaker fetishes are nothing new as far as songwriting goes: Elvis cautioned about stepping on his "Blue Suede Shoes,” while Run-DMC boasted about the importance of their laceless Adidas. London teenagers the Clik Clik (Stefan and Maya) have written a beautiful song about the sleepless nights caused by keeping a pair of white Nike Dunks spotless (we can only assume "Wayfarers” and "pink bandana scarves” were too hard to rhyme). They call it a "modern day love song,” which, despite being a duet is more about the boy neglecting the girl in order to care for his beloved kicks — a situation any sneaker obsessive or even Carrie Bradshaw can understand. Backed to a lo-fi electro track, it recalls the bedroom DIY pop production made big over the last year by Hadouken!, Jamie T and Lily Allen — whom Maya mimics almost exactly in her confrontational speech. Along with the Teenagers’ "Homecoming,” it also raises a point that more conversations need to be had in three-minute pop songs.

So new are the Clik Clik that they don’t have a label or even a proper website (only MySpace and Facebook) yet, but this is a fabulous debut single that should easily find them amidst a bidding war very soon.

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