Cliff Martinez's 'The Knick: Season 2' Soundtrack Gets Release

Cliff Martinez's 'The Knick: Season 2' Soundtrack Gets Release
Prolific soundtrack maestro Cliff Martinez (DriveTrafficContagion, etc.) already lent his talents to the first season of Steven Soderbergh's TV drama The Knick, and now his second-season efforts will similarly get a soundtrack release.

The 19-track OST will arriveas a digital download via Milan Records on October 30. They'll also issue a CD version of the recording on December 18. 

If you'd like to peep the tracklisting, it's available in full below. The song titles are packed with medical terms, and if you're counting calories you'll note that "I Set Her Up" appears as a "Fat-Free Remix."

Thanks to Film Music Reporter for the tip.

The Knick: Season 2 OST:

1. Dearest John
2. Get Well or Jump Off
3. If Anyman Thirst
4. Sonia
5. It's My Eye
6. Pig Thermometer
7. Speight Lived Here
8. Humiliating Sewage
9. So You Want to Cook Me
10. We Are Invisible
11. Sonia XXL
12. I Hear a Crackle
13. Our Usual Deal
14. Nicaragua 1894
15. Most Contagious Thing On Earth
16. Your One Woman Crusade Is Over
17. I Set Her Up (Fat-Free Remix)
18. Do You Smell That
19. Necrotic Bowel Resection (Extended Remix)