Cliff Martinez "Neon Demon"

Cliff Martinez 'Neon Demon'
Coming off the heels of a second trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's long-awaited The Neon Demon, musical partner in crime Cliff Martinez has unveiled the flick's immaculate and eerie theme song.

The master of musical suspense offers up some truly creepy sounds this time around, slowly building up the piece with star shimmer sonics and a two-note piano motif. It eventually becomes a twisted-up electro tapestry of speaker-panning sonics and hard-stomped digi drums.

You can check out the theme below via Consequence of Sound, while Martinez's score arrives digitally and on CD on June 24 via Milan Records. A vinyl pressing is expected to hit stores on July 8.

The Elle Fanning-starring movie, meanwhile, just premiered at Cannes and is expected to come to Canada later this year.