City of Ships

Look What God Did To Us

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jul 16, 2009

Epic and adventurous, Look What God Did To Us is yet another bold step forward for Richmond, VA's City Of Ships. Influenced by the sincerity and passion of Hot Water Music roughly mashed up against Mastodon's intricate song structures and ballsy girth, Look What God Did To Us ranges from serene passages, replete with layered instrumentation, to blinding shots of fury. The band create an endless vortex of catchy fills and reverb-laden guitar passages obliterated by full-on raging drums, overbearing guitars and throaty screams. Pulling fragments of drone metal, post-punk and hardcore to craft what is almost a Pixies-ish identity crisis that's far more enigmatic, layered and engaging than its influences, this is the what one expects something to sound like when people use that emotive punk tag. Go figure, it takes some metal dudes to actually achieve it.
(Translation Loss)

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