City of Calgary Reaches Tentative Deal for New Arena

The Saddledome replacement would offer a 13,000-capacity venue for concerts
City of Calgary Reaches Tentative Deal for New Arena
Calgary's Saddledome is 36 years old, meaning everyone has been fighting over whether or not to replace it for quite a while. Today, there's either good news or bad news depending on how you want to view it — the city has made a tentative deal with the Calgary Flames to build a new arena.

While many are saying the deal is expected to go through, Coun. Ward Sutherland told the CBC that there is still much to discuss. 

"It's not a deal at this particular point, there's still lots of steps to go through. It's really a proposal and we'll be giving an update," Ward said. "Negotiations, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, had been ongoing. It's a multi-party deal, so it's very complex. It deals with the Stampede board, the Flames organization, CMLC [Calgary Municipal Land Corporation] and also the city."

Mayor Naheed Nenshi added, "In times of limited public budgets, it's got to be a good deal for Calgary. And it's got to have that public benefit. So that is ultimately the criteria on which I would evaluate any proposed deal."

If the proposed arena does go through, it will include a capacity of 19,000 people for hockey games and 13,000 people for concerts. Saddledome vice-president of building operations Libby Raines told Billboard that there's a "long list" of artists who haven't been able to play the Saddledome due to the building's size, including Coldplay and Bruno Mars.

Calgary city council will discuss the proposal on Monday (July 22).