Citizen Hands 'D+D+S+F' EP

Citizen Hands 'D+D+S+F' EP
Vancouver multi-tasker Andrew Lee has taken a bit of time off from his atmospheric indie/drone project Holy Hum to crank the amps with some buddies as Citizen Hands. Masking recent heartbreak with howled confessions and forlorn-but-fired-up guitar damage, the band's D+D+S+F is streaming now.

A press release explains that the trio of guitarist/vocalist Lee, Ryan Flowers (In Medias Res, Holy Hum) and Robert Tornroos (Hannah Georgas, Dralms) united in the face "breakups and breakdowns," opting to drown out the pain with drinks and a high level of distortion. Their three-song debut was then cut at Anacortes, WA's the Unknown facility by Nicholas Wilbur (Mount Eerie, Lake).

Perhaps reflecting the wrecked-romance nature that brought the trio together, "Everything Is Not OK" rattles off a series of melancholic, ear-bleeding guitar melodies and dour vocals. It caps with a curiously junked-up flamenco solo, this arguably subverting love song tropes.

"Groggy" mixes a down-and-broken '90s slowcore pace with an eruption of Sonic Youth-styled noise. Finale "Monster" entices with its fractured oom-pah-pah pounding and Lee's haunted, echo-blown pleadings.

You can stream the release below, or pick it up now on Bandcamp via Lee's own Heavy Lark imprint.