Circlesquare Offers Up A Free Xmas Treat

Circlesquare Offers Up A Free Xmas Treat
With Christmas only a few days away, pop noir maestro Circlesquare has delivered a new seasonal offering for your holiday playlist.

Dubbed "Untitled (For Christmas)," the seven-minute track indulges in the yuletide spirit with a stark, eerie blend of guitar, synth and vocals, bringing out a dark, down-and-out vibe best fit for that fast-approaching Christmas hangover (plus this list). And like all the best gifts in life, this one is free. Right here you can download the track, no strings attached.

"Untitled (For Christmas)" comes in anticipation of Circlesquare's album, Songs About Dancing and Drugs, which as previously reported drops January 27 in Canada courtesy of Boompa/!K7. The album will mark the first in five years for the project's principal, Jeremy Shaw, who recently left his home of Vancouver for Berlin, and sees Circlesquare expanding to a trio, with guitarist Trevor Lawson and drummer Dale Butterfield now on-board.

In a press release, Shaws says: "I named the album in the tradition of Leonard Cohen, Talking Heads, Big Black, etc. I always loved the directness of Songs from a Room, Songs of Love and Hate, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Songs About Fucking... Dancing, drugs and science seemed to be the most prevalent themes of the album, as usual, so I went with the first two."

The press release also goes on to describe Songs About Dancing and Drugs as "ambient music with an anti-pop brain and a rock'n'roll heart," which you can now get a taste of through several album tracks streaming over the record's website.

To hear a bit more about where Shaw is coming from on this new record check out the video interview below.

Circlesquare "Songs About Dancing And Drugs" interview