Cinerama John Peel Sessions

Cinerama, featuring the Present's David Gedge (as the band preferred to be advertised as), have chosen to release their third album in the past year. Following a compilation of early material in This Is Cinerama and their second album proper, Disco Volante, the band must be trying to break a record of some sort, putting out this, a collection of their sessions with legendary DJ John Peel. A long-time favourite of Peel, David Gedge, who recorded 11 sessions with the Wedding Present, has managed to capture quite an impressive live sound from his band. As if the band had gone into a proper studio, Cinerama's unique pop sound, which combines Gedge's vocals with Sally Murrell's, is spread across two sessions and includes acoustic versions of "Pacific" and "Dance, Girl, Dance" and live versions of "Kerry Kerry" and "Hard, Fast and Beautiful," which sound live. John Peel Sessions is a nice package for fans of Cinerama, but seems unnecessary to release in a year that already saw two albums of studio recordings. This is not something that is likely to attract many new fans, but Gedge's ability to pen a good tune is enough reason to give the band's other albums a shot. Wedding (Manifesto)