Cinderpop Their Skies Are Beautiful

It is beginning to feel like a bit of a cliché. A Canadian pop super group based in Vancouver, with years of collective musical experience, waiting on the cusp of greatness. Although on paper, Cinderpop might not have quite as much going for them as the New Pornographers do. Featuring members of Moev, the Salteens, SK Robot and even a member of Holly McNarland’s band, Cinderpop have been around since the late ’90s and have already proven themselves as a live band. But until now, they haven’t managed to set the world on fire with their studio recordings. That might change with The Skies Are Beautiful, the follow up to their 1999 debut, Violet Gamma Rays. It is a more subtle album than some other Vancouver pop bands have recorded, more in line with the Posies than the New Pornographers. It doesn’t quite fall into the power pop category, but there are more than enough catchy songs to keep listeners coming back for more. Whether or not it keeps them coming back again and again is the problem because like the last Posies album, sometimes shiny pop songs aren’t enough. It feels like Cinderpop are holding something back and it is only when those restraints are cut, their music will really soar. (Bongo Beat)